Death to a Miserable World

Life is really nothing but an ongoing rhyme

Always beginning once upon a time

In a land of fairy tales and endless lies

Where no one ever dies.


Well, my life is no fucking made up joke

Want nothing but to sit and choke

On all the stupid joy and happiness

Watch out for I will kill your lasting bliss.

I hate this fucking world and what it has done to me

Hate the filth and blasphemy.


Get out of my face you worthless thing

My swearing and hatred will make your ears ring

I'm sick of how you make everyone cry

How you make me want to die.

My heart has gone cold upon this day

I want to kill you, make you waste away

For ruining everything, everything that was ever dear

For making me want to shed another bloodied tear.


My bitterness is contagious and will find you

No matter what you try to do

Prepare to lose a part of who you are

You can only run so far

I will find you no matter where you hide

There is no one in which you can confide

Greet your fate

Your time is growing late

Say goodbye

For when I find you,

you will die.