"Would a Hug Heal a Soul?" By: Cassandra Freiborg 3/22/05

No love in this house,

I ask for a hug,

you look at me like I'm crazy,

Yea, I'm the one on drugs.

I'd run away from here,

just to see if I'd be chased,

maybe I'd run to a better,

goddamned loving place.

And you're to busy

talking on the phone,

to knotice I've left this hell,

I probably should have known.

It shouldnt come as a suprise,

these nightmares never cease,

I should know by now,

my soul deserves no peace.

What I really want,

is a hug that last so long,

that by the time that it was over,

I'd believe that I was strong.

Because this charade that I put up,

it shatters every night,

and all I really want,

is someone to hold me tight.

And if this were to happen,

I know that I could truly love again,

and my heart would not be drawn back,

to the dark places I have been.