Wrote this poem in hopes of maybe making it as a industrial song. And no this is not me describing being drunk when I wrote this I was not under any influence nor remembering being so.


Here I am

Walking up these stairs

In a happy haze of confusion

Infinity being here and wonderful

Amongst the light

Amongst the sound

With a few lines of Nine Inch Nails

Tracing through my mind

Ands I feel quite in love with the world

There's nothing


And the pounding of the bass behind me

And the thoughts of success ahead of me

Wonderful stimulation beside me

And I feel alive

In a euphoric bliss

In the worldly Garden of Eden

Protected with the reality

Of these unreal walls

In the propaganda blur

With a cool feeling in my throat

And a pleasant spinning inside my gut

In this playground of lights

And I feel in touch

And my art is all right

And I'm alive