Hello here I am, I was wondering,

If you would be happy to see me.

Well I'm clean and efficient now,

I've lost more virginity than one,

I feel drunk on life…

Once in a while

Once in a while

Once in a while…

But hey man, the world has got me,

You know how I'm bound for good things?

And sure I still have a tune in my head,

It is the Koffin Kats.

My friend calls me his Koffin Kats

Hook up.

I think that is funny as hell.

My nerves are kinda dead now,

I'm no longer quite so…


For better babe, or for worse.

My poems have punctuation now babe,

Aren't you proud of me?

I took all of my photos, all my items,

I threw them all away.

They filled up six garbage bags,

Six, five, four, three, two, one

All of my past, I know it was trash.

Yet my trash, sometimes it feels…


Well all of that won't be in my way now.

I'm clean and efficient now.

Once in a while I'm in and out of love.

Babe, I'm bound for big things.

Or so they fucking say.

I'm so fucking high, I'm alive.