Emily wanted to bang her head against the wall.

Of course there was no wall, but again it was hypothetically thinking.

Why her?

Why couldn't it have been someone else? Even Lunch Lady Bartlett, who always refused to give Emily left over fries, would have been better but not Edward.

She saw James stand up and give him a brotherly hug and got only the satisfaction of seeing Cassandra knocked to the ground.

Emily snorted, quite unladylike.

Cassandra quickly got up and walked over to Chastity, who was grinning.

This was bad, Emily decided as she watch Edward start knocking around trees and cracking some outrageous jokes.

She watched as he carefully settled himself in the middle of where everyone else was sitting.

Idiot attention seeker.

There was a long pause, then,

"So what do you guys think happened?" he asked

Emily closed her eyes, letting herself feel the wind blowing around her, the sand molding around her toes, her hands clenched tightly at her sides and her mind repeating

'Don't kill him, don't kill him…not yet anyways.'

"I think we crashed on an island," James said.

Emily had always thought people exaggerated when they acted dumb, apparently, she was wrong.

Despite the friendship, Edward gave James a dirty look, "Yeah, I kind of figured that." he grabbed a handful of sand and played with it as he looked around at everyone. Almost as if he were examining everyone in an odd Psychological way.

It was kind of creepy.

"Are you guys all ok?" he turned to where Cassandra and Chastity were standing. They both nodded and Chastity smiled shyly at him.

Emily saw red.

"How 'bout you kid?" he got up to where Tavie was and stooped down to her level and held out his hand.

"I-I'm ok, but I got a boo-boo on my finger." she put her finger, which from where Emily was standing had nothing on it, and put it in his large hand.

"Oh well, I'll talk care of that," Edward said and he kissed the girl's finger, "All better?"

The girl blushed and nodded.


Then he set his eyes on Emily.

"And you?"

It's not that she didn't like him, he was nice enough and everything. At a distance of course because, the fact of the matter was that, this seemingly inconspicuous boy with blond hair, gold eyes and a short body, followed her.

Well, no that was an understatement, as was the statement of his stature

The idiot boy stalked her and he was only 5'1.

But it's not like she minded really.

And Emily quickly pounded that thought out of her head.

She did mind damn it!

But he really stalked her, once he'd even said it in not so obvious, obvious way.

They had been standing in the lunch line. She of course was doing her daily routine of getting the BLT at the back of the fridge, lemonade, and of course arguing with lunch lady Bartlett. He was standing behind her, a tuna pita wrapped in cellophane and a bottle of water in his hand.

Now, this scene would have been extremely normal, you see couples all the time in the lunch line with the boyfriend casually touching the small of his girlfriends back, right?

Only Emily wasn't going out with Ed, Ed was currently seeing Chastity and despite all this he had been following her around since they had started debating the rights of animals in Alaska the first week of school in their government class.

Emily hadn't really minded the following around, it was very nearly sweet, but the hand on her back with his girlfriend not 10 meters away was the last straw.

She was in mid-argument with Lunch Lady Bartlett, thinking over both the fry and stalker situations at the same time when Ed moved his hand a bit lower.

"If you even touch the hem of my shirt I will turn around and kill you." she said as lunch lady Bartlett stared at her, but Emily turned around to Edward, her BLT held up in her hand.


He just smiled and removed his hand.

Emily quickly paid for her food, fries forgotten, and made her way to the condiments to get some ketchup.

To which Ed followed her like a lost puppy.

This was also the last straw,

"Will you stop following ME? Get a hobby, knit or something"

"I'm not following you," he said nonchalantly

Emily put a thoughtful face on, "Oh no, wait, your right, you don't follow me. You stalk me." and she was about to turn away, making the grand exit she always read the heroine in her romance novel made when the villain was pursuing her, when his hand reached out to grab her arm.

"Some call it stalking, but I call it love." and with that he walked away, making Emily scowl, because for one, he stole her exit and two because she was left bothered.

But it wasn't because she was disgusted, no, it was because when he had said that she had felt the beginnings of butterflies in her stomach and a swoon coming on.

A swoon.


But she quickly took care of that problem by stomping on the butterflies and dipping her finger into the mayonnaise.

She hated mayo, it was disgusting, but it worked for something.

Making her feel totally swoonless.


She had avoided him since then and he seemed to be doing the same.

Except now they were stuck on an island together, alone with two airheads a little adorable girl, and one idiot, jockey, cousin.

Emily gritted her teeth, "Oh, just dandy."

He nodded his head, "Good."

He turned around and walked back into the forest.

He was hungry.