To & Fro

by fabian cortez

Thoughts so often flow

As tendrils of water tug

Momentarily at me

Before receding only

To return comfortingly

On a hot spring day


Burgundy rose petals

Fall into mind as

Your eyes fill me up

So vibrant glistening

With life; yet a soul

So metered with

Scars, now healing


Your kiss finds

My mouth, in subtle

Folds of velvet

Respond, o'

Delicate scent of

Nectar, wondrous in

Its blossom


Your tongue's waltz

To music unheard

Except within this

Dance, I embrace it

Strong to find your

Tantalizing neck, so

Encourage sighs

Of passion


"I love you" you

Whisper; I awake

Curtains billowing

Into our room from

A sudden gust of

Wind, I ignore it

My mind still on

You, dearest heart


I turn to you, only to

Realise my dream is

Over, your pillow

Untouched, empty of

Its rightful companion

I rise to ease drapes

Turbulent banter


Returning now to rest

I find a slight scatter

Of rose petals blown

To your side of the bed

By the wind, breathing

Their bouquet, I know

Deep within

You're with me


copyright©2005 fabian cortez