Mother tells her "You'll ruin your hair."

That translates to "You'll ruin your life."

She dyes it purple any way.

Mother tells her "You need to sort out your feelings."

That means she doesn't approve.

She dates other girls anyway.

Mother tells her "I don't want you buying those books."

That suggests she's a bit homophobic.

She can't help it if she's a fan of plastic-wrapped manga.

Mother tells her "I won't go out in public with you with those strapped to your legs."

That's her way of saying "You look ridiculous."

She doesn't unclip the bondage straps.

Mother tells her "You're not a responsible adult. That's why you can't swear."

That's means "You'll never be old enough."

She's decided her favorite word is "fuck."

Mother tells her "You need to think about your choices before you make them."

That's her way of saying "I want to control you."

She's still a rebel.

Mother tells her "You were a wild child."

That really means "You still are a wild child."

She fingers one of her six earrings and rolls her eyes.

Mother tells her "I'll love you no matter what."

That doesn't include "But you're still a disappointment."

She knows those words hang there anyway.

Mother tells her "I'll always be there."

That implies "When I have the time."

She doesn't need any one else.

Mother tells her "You can tell me anything."

That should really be "Anything within my safety zone."

She builds walls instead.

Mother tells her "It's okay to cry."

That really means "You are weak."

She cries anyway.

Her friends tell her "We love you, even when you don't believe it."

That means exactly what they said.

She knows she can make it after all.

She cuts her hair. She washes the tears from her face. She pulls on some clothes with color, removes the straps binding her legs and proudly bears the sign of her sexuality. She marches up to Mother, tells her she loves her, but it's time to cut the cord.

Mother tells her "I know."

That means "It's all okay."

She steps out into the morning light.

And she tears down the walls.