In your life you fail to listen

What you could have done,

Why list the many reasons

Why miss out on thatlove,

I do not mean fancy kisses

Delicious foods or a lil' crush,

Be a growup- no childish wishes

I mean REGRET, you bunch!

Regret you didn't live and dream

What you wanted to be,

Regret you didn't see what seems

What should have been me.

If you do not get the message

I am sure you too, will regret,

That when you turn the page

You wish you paid regret the FULL debt!

Author's Note (A/N): I didn't intend this poem to sound this way...and it might sound crappy to you reviewers out there. Let me know how really crappy it is to ya....sticks out tongue Nevertheless review you overly eccentric anime lovers....oh wait. What am I talking about? I AM an "overly eccentric anime lover too. Damn. I always mixed myself up with myself (lol). Mind me....sorries. REVIEW!!!!!! hehe....