Through the wind whistling and the sleet pounding on the cobblestones, the old priest made his way to where the place where Caryl was lying exhausted after the hours of childbirth. Two bundles were next to her on the bed, and her husband was bent close to her, a proud smile on his face as he looked at his new son and daughter. The babies' older siblings, two girls and a boy were sleeping in the corner of the room. None of the little ones stirred as the old priest entered, his boots making a wet slapping noise on the stone floor.

Caryl smiled as he held her little ones in each arm and looked at them solemnly. He did the family great honor by coming to see her new twins. Her smiled faded as the look in his eyes grew more and more distant and his voice came out in the deep tones of one in a trance. The old priest was known for his prophecies, and especially for their veracity. The children's father stood with a glint in his eyes as he listened carefully for the words of the man who had been known to speak doom on the lives of many.

"Though both will grow up in strength and wisdom, and there will be no noticeable difference in their greatness. The brown-eyed one will fall on the field of battle, but the blue-eyed one will save this people and their land."

He left without another word as their mother began to cry softly, but not loudly enough to wake any of her sleeping children.