I have a terribly sensitive disposition
So do you
Things could have worked out
So differently
All those years ago
If only I had been
Who I am now

Haunted every day
By remorse
For crimes of youth:
You have forgiven me
But if I had been someone else
I could forgive myself

And the damage is done
And that's all that matters

I'm so horribly sick
Of opening wounds
That have almost healed
But it must be done
Or I would not write
So honestly
Of what has been

I am waking up
To something I don't understand
And I only wish I knew
What I meant to you
But I doubt we'll ever
Relieve the tension

I'd do it all again, you see
For the touch of your hair
And for a single kiss
But it will not happen
This side of fantasy
So I'll stick with my dignity
And try to do what's best