Mind as a burning match…

The flame is bright,

Clear, and beautiful

Logic is taken for granted

Year 11in year 12 classes

Questioning the obvious

For fun,

Cutting comebacks thought of

Fraction of a second.

A bomb, an explosive…

The wick is thick, inviting

And my mind, the match,

The flame

Just a millimetre away


A short fuse, the flame jumps


Someone says something

Head flicks around,

Flame jumps


Explosive gone,

Exploded, my mind racing

Palms bleeding, because

My nails are digging in

Digging through

Digging for my sanity

Trying to take control

Wanting to scream,

To grab someone, anyone

By the shoulders, and shake

Slap their face until it is no more

Destroy… Smash something

Pick up something fine and valued

And smash it to pieces,


Blood running down my arms

The wave subsides

Breathe deep, breathe calm

Red water is blue,

A deep, beautiful blue

The calm…

But under the façade…

A fiery volcano resides…

Ever waiting to explode

And ravage my vulnerable mind