I crouched down behind the blockage in the room with my fellow comrades. The lights were out, and we made no noise, lest we alert the others and our target. Our mission was simple: carry out a surprise attack on the target and hold her in the room to await our next orders.

We heard the door softly opening. Not a noise escaped from anywhere. She walked into the room slowly, suspiciously. She looked around; seeming to think something was out of place. We were as still and silent as the dead. There was a light click and she whirled around, trying to see what the noise was. She must have assuaged her own fear and doubt though, because she shrugged and continued across the room toward the lights. Watching as she came nearer and nearer to our hiding place, we tensed up, ready to jump up and catch her.

She edged slowly nearer, again becoming slightly nervous. We were ready to carry out the plan.

-----"Alright people, this is the plan. You lie in wait for her to come into the room. Once she is in fully and shuts the door, I'll lock it from the other side so she can't run."

We all nodded in understanding and agreement.

"Ok, now once she gets close to your hiding place, you come out quickly from different places so you can surprise and surround her. Got it? Good. Let's move out." -----

I held out my hand so the others could see it. I counted down with my fingers.

Three… Two… One…