I painted the tear of an angel

The day that you left me alone.

It streaked down the face of its bearer;

An angel with garments of roan.

A shadowy flicker of lightining

Darkened a bit by despair

And softly caressed by the moonlight

Adorned the tear traveling there.

Her golden hair mingled with dirt flecks

Told she was falling apart.

A ruby red stain on her tunic

Traced where she'd broken her heart.

Her blue eyes were tinted with crimson,

A sign that she'd cried all night long,

And her wings, they hung shattered and lifeless

Proving that something was wrong.

I painted her sitting on rain clouds

Gazing quite sadly around

Across the vast distance that lay there.

Her pale lips ne'er uttered a sound.

In her right hand she held up a dagger,

Whilst she pondered death's outcome again

And whether she really would miss it

If she chose it was time for her end.

Her left hand clutched tightly a pendant;

The sign of a friendship now gone.

The only thing keeping her living,

Alive for to see the new dawn.

So there sat my angel in silence

A monument frozen in time.

Whom I can relate to completely,

For she feels exactly as I.


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