The other woman

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: A poem about...well I think it should be fairly obvious by now. I know that both men and women have at one time or another experienced having a dog, or a hussy in their life. But this poem is mainly about a woman's struggle of having a disloyal boyfriend. So you know the drill. Make me happy enough to want to bake cookies...sugar cookies. (And although I can cook...I'm so not going to go there.) I'm making no sense whatsoever. Just review.

Tell me what's her name

How long has she been your friend

Your friendship with her may be beginning

But our's is about to end

I gave you all my trust

My heart belonged to you

You betrayed me in the worst way

And you know it's true

Don't even try to lie to me

I know that you're lying

You can't even look me in the face

So ain't no use in trying

To tell you the truth

I'm a lil bit relieved

I was getting tired of you anyway

And now I'm finally free

I deserve better than this

I'm too cute to be stuck with you

I'm not going to be the one that settles

With someone who treats me cruel

So have fun with your new toy

She'll see you for what you are

I know that you'll lie to her too

You know that you won't get far

So take one last look

At what you can no longer have

You may think that you've won

But watch me get the last laugh