I Love You

I see you there, waiting for me

I love you more than life

For saving me from my solitude

I want to be with you until I die

You embrace me once again

But somehow I want more

I hope you love me, for real

As strongly as I love you

But when I see your dark eyes

And feel your presence in my life

I'm scared to death that you

Will never speak to me again

You're watching me curiously

As if you suspect something

Your dark eyes meet mine

Wondering why I can't look up

In that single moment, I see

That I couldn't bear to lose you again

And that there's only one answer

One way to keep you here

As I gaze into your eyes

Everything seems to stand still

Nothing matters but you, me, and us

And I'm terrified that you'll leave

"Are you alright?" you ask me

As the hairs on my arms stand on end

As I anticipate your response

Will my love for you be requited?

I smile lightly, dying inside

And with tears in my eyes

I finally breathe the words

"I love you."