I Love You

You drag a blade across my skin.

Life flows from within.

Fighting for my life,

I grab the silver knife.

I'll die, but you won't win.

Commit my worthy sin.

You love my desperation.

Necessary mutilation.

I recall your venomous kiss.

I never dreamed I'd die like this.

Recall the favor you did me.

Became what I could never be.

You only gave me what I needed.

Falsely cried, screamed, pleaded.

And I wanted this too.

None of this belongs to you.

You'll tell them that you found me here.

They'll believe you are sincere.

My murderer

Becomes my savior.

You kiss me again, and I can't feel.

I'll forget that this was ever real.

You tear at the view.

You wish that I had loved you.

Split between your lips against mine

And the deathly divine.

I suppose you loved me

Enough to set me free.