The Rain Storm

The sky is decidedly moody

And its grumblings shake the earth

The clouds are grey and gloomy

Yet I am filled with mirth

I love this stormy weather

It shakes me to my core

And I gleefully listen with bated breath

As the thunder proudly roars

The rain drops fall with increasing speed

And the lightning flashes blind

And the constant pour of the oncoming rain

Creates admiration and awe in my mind

Gathering pools transform into rivulets

And droplets ripple the puddles

And the sharp, cool wind that comes sweeping in

Clears my mind, which is so often muddled

The stark, wild beauty of pouring rain

Fills me with a strange peace and wonder

And the world seems to be washed quite clean

By the water and lightning and thunder

When I was small, I wasn't at all

Like the children who hide in their beds

I'd sneak outside and stand in the yard

And let rain course down my head

I'd pay with a cold in the morning

But I honestly didn't care

For the thrill of experiencing God's nature

Was still completely there

And now as I wistfully stare

At the glorious storm outside

I simply cannot resist the urge

So I'm going outside, Good Bye!!!