Give me a chance

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Well here's another awesome poem by yours truly. Well it's awesome to me...but hey I'm supposed to say that right. Therefore I want you guys and gals opinion.This poem is about seeing someone that just knocks your socks off, and you wanna get to know them. I'm sure everyone can relate. So let me know if you like it. Pwease review.

I want to get to know you

Please tell me your name

I feel the sparks between us

Igniting into a flame

I love the way you look you look at me

I love the way I feel

I know that I'm a lil shy

So baby what's your deal

Can you imagine us together

I really know I can

I can be your woman for life

And you can be my man

But wait let's not rush things

Your name I still don't know

This passion between us is just too strong

For me to just ignore

Something tells me

That we'll be quite a pair

Something lets me know

That you'll always be there

I'm getting ahead of myself again

What is this thing about you

How can one simple man be

A simple dream come true

Come on do that again

I've never seen a smile like that

That beauty is one of a kind

And baby that's a fact

Your smile gives me shiver's

And makes my soul quake

I feel just like Sting

Singing "Every breath you take"

This hunger pang I crave

It's hunger I can't deny

Without you by my side

I won't be fully satisfied

So give this country gal

A chance to really prove

That I'm the best thing for you

What do you have to lose

So come on now

And give me a chance

Are you scared of a lil girl

With a heart full of romance