Goodbye for a Texan

Everyone's leaving.
My heart won't stop beating.

I'm a lone self.
My soul; a withering wealth.

I couldn't say goodbye.
She wouldn't even cry.

We just stared.
My soul became bare.

I have become heartless.
The world is a mess.

It is hard to see
All the pain hidden within me.

No spoken feelings,
No mutual dealings.

The pain is too much to bear.
There was more we could have shared.

Goodbye, my friend.
Is this the end?

Through and through
I will always love you.

-by Layela (That's me!)

The Story Behind This Poem

In Memory of my friend Kristine (and her family) who has moved to Texas. I am a very emotional person and felt so bad to hear that she had to move all the way over there because I haven't had anyone that meant so much to me (and me knowing that they meant so much before they left) leave so far away. I live in New York. And it's bad enough that I have to move to a somewhat upstate-ish place. Orange County, New York (Not California!). I won't have any friends at all to be there for me, and I'm entering high school, so I am absolutely sure that I won't have such a great year, unless I do make friends. But it's like consumed with white people (no offense) and I'm asian. What I'm trying to say is that I am different from them, and if someone is different from another person, there is bound to be some prejudice.

Ack! And anyways... I made this story because I felt so bad. It's like March 23, and it's snowing. ;; And my sister reminded me of Kristine and all that "effed" up s#! and I just felt like despairing. And in addition to that, I got caught up in, I think, chapter 30 of Queen of Glass by S. J. Maas (I have that in my fave stories section).

OK well anyways, I just felt like letting my feelings out. Thank you if you actually read this. Heh. I'm an emotional 13-year-old (whoot! Turning fourteen on July 3 of 2005). :P