The Big Things

Everyone appreciates the big things.
Money, fame, success;
But life is full aplenty of
Other things you don't obsess,
But maybe should.

Take, for example, the warm summer sun.
Everyone adores it;
But have they truly noticed it,
Or given a moment for it?
Most have not.

The way the sun can chase away
The air-conditioner chill—
The one you never really noticed
Was on your skin until
It sloughed off.

Did you ever stop to think about
The feel of new blue jeans
When they fit just right
And they're soft and clean?
Have you ever heard the trickling sound
Of water running across a brook,
The light and jingling melody
So enchanting that it took
A minute to realize it wasn't falling snow—
If it had a sound, then that would be it.
How about the antics of a bulbous bumble bee,
Cute in the way it bounces, flits
As though it has some business to attend to?

Everyone appreciates the big things.
Money, fame, success;
But you would do well to fill your life
Aplenty with the rest,
No matter how small.

Author's Notes: Kind of a big message here. Not really...just another way of saying "stop and smell the roses." I don't even remember the assignment that caused me to write this. But it's rather nice and rounded out, I think. Hope you enjoyed! MJ
Date of Composition: September 23, 2004