We Three Kings of Orient Are
A Found Poem

Three kings of Orient
Bearing gifts
traverse Westward
Following yonder star
with royal beauty bright


Field and fountain,
moor and mountain,
earth and skies
praising God on high.

all nigh
to the dying King
sealed in the stone-cold tomb.
Breathes him a sighing perfume
Star Light
ceasing its sorrowing sounds
now we behold him arise

O King
O God
O Sacrifice
We crown him again,
a Deity

Notes: This is, of sorts, a retelling of the story of Jesus' birth and rebirth, using the words of the popular Christmas carol "We Three Kings of Orient Are." Basically, since it is a'found poem,' it consists ofthe words of the song (not all of them, but many) recycled and rearranged. This was an assignment for school, and it turned out relatively well. Thanks for reading! MJ