As darkness falls those new days end…

When will I be able find myself again?

Spinning faster and out of control

I've truly lost my heart and soul…

Falling harder down to the floor

And getting upis notas easy as it was before

Seems this hole I've lost myself in…

An endless battle I never quite win.

I'm crying louder for any way out

I really don't follow what this is about

Why am I killing myself all over again?

Ending it all to find there really is no end…

A daily routine that forever goes on

To only leave hell when the day is gone.

So why can't I be spared all this misery?

WhileI think of no one…only thinking of me.

As soon as I learn this lesson left here.

I'll finish it all withoutone single tear.

I'll make sure no one will ever see me cry…

And no one will notice me saying goodbye.