Just one more time
Im almost there
I can feel the breaths
slipping into thin air
The room grows dark
my eyes are weary
and slowly my ears
have lost their hearing
I lay in silence still as stone
Thinking of no one
Only thinking of my own
Thoughts once running
Are now coming to a stop
And I think "how I wish
I had one more tear to drop"
My stomach starts twisting
But I don't let out a cry
My mouth wont utter a sound
And my throat is getting dry
I look around the room
And know what Ive done
This battle I lost
Was supposed to be won
But it wasnt supposed
To end up this way
And all I've got left
Are these words that I pray
I dont know what to do
Its all over now
The sun starts to fade
But I start crying somehow
I pray, "Dear Jesus,"
To forgive me today
"I'm sorry Forgive me"
Are the last words that I say.