I know you somehow.

I've been where you've been.

Not at the same time.

Somehow...somehow, I'm comfy

right here with you.

I want to be confident.

I need to be strong.

Thriving to hug you

to see you

to take you in.

Taking things slow...

That's how I move.

I need to be confident.

I want to be strong

But on my side of the fence,

that doesn't come in quantity.

I doubt your love.

Can't accept something so strong.

Maybe eventually,

but with the unstable build of childish hormones

everything can and will be doubted.

I know your history

I know more than you'd know

I know more than you'd want me to know

But I can accept it.

Schist happens...

you gotta be rock-hard to deal.

The nerve of her to demand that

even to think the request...

Whisper those words faintly...

Like a childish game;

a puppet.

You stand a strong one, though.

I'm proud.

I don't know why

I want to be yours so bad.

I can't though.

I need someone strong.

Someone to tell me.

To comfort me.

To shelter me.

And you have yet to prove yourself, soldier.

I salute you here.

I want to be yours

as much as you've longed for independence.

With a capital "I."

Now, I can't tell.

I don't know if I'm just a showdog

your toy poodle

your obedient golden retriever.

I don't know.

And you have yet to prove yourself.