Well, being the Smart ass that I am when I noticed the fifteen millionth "I suck at summary's" in a summary, I posted on a forum that I should write a story with that title. I wasn't serious and as I have about thirteen stories on different sites that I am currently working on, I need another story like a hole in the head. But as I've been dared, here the thing is. The person who dared me is posting another story with that title too, so if you wish, you may compare. But if you do well, I'd have to assume you have too much time on your hands.

Oh this will be written along the same lines as my Evil Fanfic in the Mercedes Lackey section of Fanfiction dot net. Though as bizzare as that thing is, I'm surprised it hasn't been pulled just on general principles. And if I decide that I'm as evil as I keep claiming to be, I'd post it here.

I Suk at Summeries (A Guide to the Inane, Obnoxious and Stupid)


Well, we've all seen those guides, you know the ones. A guide to Excellent and Engrossing writing, well you won't find any such thing here. For your reading pleasure (or nausea) this here's a guide to writing sucky fics. All the don't's and none of the do's.

As for my experience. Well I have written one on called the Evil Fanfic. If you don't believe me about the quality or lack thereof, just check it out yourself.

And so we start, I'm sure you are thinking, just anyone can write a sucky fic, not true. The real secret isn't sucky writing, it's doing it in such a way as to get the reader to ask for more, more more.

How is this possible you ask? There are certain rules to this endeavor. I will go into these in more depth in the following chapters (You'll just have to wait and see)

Note: Rule #1 Be a tease, I use the previous sentence as an example.