Holy Water

I wash my hands of you

I am clean

No more of your

Temperament left to

Taint me

I'm sorry that I tried so hard

I can see I wasted my time

Maybe the reason I got so upset

Was because I cared about

What happened to you

Maybe I'm just trying to

Stop you from making the

Same mistake again

Its better for you to

Hate me for this

Than to hurt

Maybe I would rather you

Hurt me than

Hurt yourself

Go ahead

Take it out on me

It feels good, doesn't it

Its okay

I'm used to it

If it makes you feel better

Take your best shot

Cause nothing you say

Is gonna change me

Or change the way I feel

I am

Washing my hands of you

Stepping back and away

Just in the future

Always remember

It was you who made

Things this way

You who told me

To step out of your life

You who told me

To leave

So I will bow out

Because I'm tired of this

Never ending fight

You wont ever see things

Through my eyes

You wont ever understand

And you don't want to

I see that now

And so I am

Washing my hands

Of you