We all have masks we wear
To hide the pain
To hide our fear.

Yes, its true we all wear masks
They keep us safe
They hide our pasts.

But what happens when the masks removed
When we reveal our doubts
When we acknowledge our wounds.

Will someone comfort us when our souls are bared?
Lay down to judge
Wishing somebody cared.

No, we'll never take down our masks
It just reveals too much pain
From troubled pasts.


Another A/N: I'm like this a lot sometimes. I put on a happy face to hide the sad one. Pretty soon though you're not going to understand how you're truly feeling because you've been hiding behind another face for so long. So, what I'm trying to say is don't let your emotions build up to long or you're liable to blow up k? Umm, that's it for now..^_^ buhbye-sky