A crystal future
Reflected in fire
Ensconced in brilliance
Unbearably hot
A furnace of light and thought and sound

Innumerable glittering possibilities
Countless roads we might travel
Individuality a heavy cross to bear
Knowing how high the flame can grow
But almost afraid to stock the fire
So many things left unseen and in shadow

Horrendously vast eternity
Weeps with fear
Of what will be wrought
In the weighty transient moments
That compose our lives

A gunshot in the night
Born of fire and passion and violence
We hurtle through this world
Through the darkness we twirl
A deadly dance of life and death
Until finally we fall
Spent we tumble to the ground
And so in this fleeting existence
An eyeblink in life of Time
We must remember to hold certain things dear
Certain things should never be taken for granted

And there are those select few
Chosen brilliant flares of light
Exploding amongst the countless dim sparks
Worshipped, cursed, envied
The flames that burn brighter
Whose after image lingers longer
Drifting before out twirling eyes
Caught up in the dance of time

And every once in a long while
The liquid eye of being opens
Our souls look up and see
What we thought we knew
Threatens to be blown away
Cast into the fires of reality
The furnace of change opened wide

But what of those dimmer sparks
And their twinkling ballads?
Played out upon this stage
Hidden from the public's unblinking eye
Whispering their dramas in brittle silence

Have they any less value or worth
Because their flames are not as bright?
They still pass through this world
Souls cast in iron or glass, each a work of art
Do they contain less magnificence
Simply because they are not on display?
Museums cannot contain all the art of the world
And what are the people we walk amongst other than breathing sculptures?

We don't always have to look to the brightest stars
Even the dimmest of these celestial candles can bring out our hearts
Let our eyes wander elsewhere to find light
For there is artistry in even the darkest soul
And let us celebrate the whispers and shadows
Hidden dramas and unnoticed dreams
Let us embrace dim stars and dying flames
Adding their light to our own and brightening the entire sky
Instead of a few distant points of light

The human life is a thing of inconceivable value
A strange mixture of rain and sunshine
Makes up the liquid eye of being
The souls that dwell within us more precious than any gem
And each is utterly unique hand crafted work of art
A living painting that breaths and moves
All together making up the portrait of our world

And whether or not I am meant to shine brightly or dimly
I will never forget that no matter how much someone shines in this world
There are countless lives, points of light all around in the night sky
And none is more valuable than another
For they are all priceless