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A Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a girl

Her family was loving and happy

Money flowed to her smoothly

Outsiders always remarked

She was beautiful and smart

People who knew her

Thought her life was great

But they did not know

As she didn't let the hole in her heart show

The hole that was punctured long ago

The hole that made her feel alone and hollow

Although years had passed by

The nothingness in her did not subside

Every time she turned

He could not be seen

And the emptiness, then deepens

Seeping through her body like poison

He was dear to her

She, to him

They were torn apart for so long

Both mourning for too long

They desperate for a miracle to happen

So that they could be together again

Like any fairytale…


Invitation to the Gates of Hell


Alyssa Pires

The sun had set.

The air was still and silent. Except for the soft sound of my footsteps. Sure, I looked like a normal girl walking in park in Daringsville alone. Of course, no ordinary human being would suspect that this girl, dressed in black leather pants with a black motorcycle jacket over a simple white t-shirt, was the Fighter Princess of Humanity.

Truth was, I myself, could not believe that I actually possessed strong Fighter powers that were supposed to be used to save humanity and destroy all forces of darkness in the world. An innocent-looking girl like me should be spending time hanging around with friends, hitting the beach and shopping. But no, I'm sorry, I had to spend my nights patrolling deserted parks, stinking allies and, of all things, cemeteries. So, there was only a little scrap of my life that still belonged to me-say, from seven to seven-oh-five in the morning.

Not only my social life was taken, the lives of my loved ones were also gone. My parents were dead. My brother was on the other side of the globe. My one true love was ripped apart from me. My heart squeezed painfully every time I thought of him. His name was always on my lips.

I sighed as I glanced at the bright full moon. The hairy drooling beasts should be hunting tonight. With a hand firmly wrapped around a silver stake, I stood alone in the shadows. Listening.

As if on cue, I heard a deep growl. I smirked. At last, there was some kick butting to do. Using my sharp sense of hearing, I located the source. Suddenly, three large salivating werewolves pounced towards me. Eww, gross.

Chapter 1

Ryder Street

" I've had enough bullshit from you, bitch!" I hollered and slammed the door of my now ex-girlfriend, Chanterelle Bolts. I slipped my hands into the pockets of my tattered jeans and seethed. Girls, they will never know what they want. Sulking, I stormed back home.

Man, it was so dark. It was amazing how fast time flies when you were arguing with females. But what was more amazing was that how I wasn't afraid of the dark night. On the outside, I looked like a gangster with my longish ash blonde hair and worn out clothes. I could beat up anyone who mess up with me in no time flat. But I was actually no gangster. I always beat up the people who thought I was one. Gangsters take drugs and are dumb. I'm not dumb. Believe it or not, I'm one of the top students in school. Anyway, I am an alien with supernatural strength, eyes that could see through anything and burn anything, and super-speed. Cool, huh?

I sighed wearily. For all my life, I never felt normal. How I wished I could find someone that could make me feel that way for once. Someone who was not like the snobby girls who ruled the school, for instance, Chanterelle Bolts. I knew it sounded sappy and I was ashamed to admit that it was true.

All of a sudden, howls shattered the silence that hung around the streets. They were followed by a yell. I whipped around and found myself facing a park. Without wasting a second, I super-sped towards it. An unexpected scene greeted me. Fighting with three large… what the hell? Werewolves? Was the most beautiful girl my eyes had ever laid on? Darn, she's got the shiniest caramel colored hair in Daringsville. No, make that on Earth.

Just then, one of the werewolves got her pinned on the ground. My eyebrows flew up in alarm.

The goddess grimaced," Please, you're drooling all over me."

As the werewolf growled deeply and moved in for the kill, I slapped myself inwardly. The girl is about to get killed and all you do is stare?! A voice in my head yelled at me. Immediately, I got into my senses. Using my super strength, I pulled the werewolf away from the girl. Her dangerously mesmerizing eyes widened in surprise but she wasted no time and jumped quickly to her feet. There was something silver in her hand. Um, silver stake maybe? Then, in a whirling speed, she fought the beasts. Kicking and thrusting like a hot warrior chick she was. Dammit! I yelled at myself in my head, She's just a normal girl. There is no need to get so hot about it. However, I was immediately proved wrong. Without warning, she drove the stake deep into the werewolf's heart. It howled painfully and collapsed. She was the strongest girl I've ever seen.

" What the…" I said, bewildered as something pushed me with such tremendous force that I was knocked off my feet. That did not occur very often, by the way.

"Arrgh!" Someone yelled angrily in pain. My eyes bulged. That chick had knocked me down, intercepting the attack from one of the freaking werewolves. My eyes traveled to the girl. She was down on the floor. I stared in shock at her bleeding stomach. The fucking things had slashed her. My hands tightened into fists. Who did they think they are? With a furious yell, I leapt up and fought with the damned werewolf. Suddenly, it froze and fell flat on its face with a stake sticking out of its back, revealing the stunning girl. A look of disgust was pasted on her face. She looked cute even without smiling. I mentally kicked myself. Get a grip, Street! Nevertheless, my heart kept thumping against rib cage.

Behind them, more growls were heard. I snuck a glance at the girl. There was a look of uncertainty on her delicate face.

"Hey hey! Take a number before you guys start pouncing on this girl," she said to the beasts. But they apparently were not going to surrender. All of a sudden, white smoke started to evaporate from her palms. I could hear her muttering some Spanish words. The smoke steadily became a large smoky sphere.

"Back off!" she yelled at me. But I was too pre-occupied in watching the silvery ball, which was radiating sparks. Her hands were vibrating dangerously and her blue eyes had ice chips in them. Just then, a shock of electricity hit me. I cursed and jumped back. The threatening howls that came from the werewolves had died. They were replaced by whiny whimpers. A thunderous scream, followed by a great crash, sliced the air and shook the ground. Silvery smoke started to hurt my eyes.

Once the smoke had gone, I blinked in shock. Bodies of the dead werewolves were scattered on the floor. However, they did not appear as the werewolves. They were now naked bodies of human beings. Some of them, I recognized, were my classmates who went missing recently. I could feel a wave of nausea and disgust hit me.

I switched my gaze to the stranger. There was no way she was a regular girl. No freaking way. Squinting my eyes, I could see that she was swaying slowly. Her skin was pale against her motorcycle jacket. I rushed towards her as she started to fall. Lunging forward, she collapsed in my arms. She was bleeding profusely. Without wasting a second, I super-sped to my house with her safely in my arms.


My limbs were moaning in agony. If I had not ran away before she cast that spell, I would surely be dead by now. And if I were dead, I could not turn her into my eternal wife. A deep growl erupted from my throat. I had underestimated her power. She was not the innocent little Lissy anymore. She was more powerful than I had ever imagined. Even at a far distance, I could feel the impact of her spell.

And who was that foolish boy who tried to help her? Hatred seeped into my veins as I thought of him. If only I was not distracted by his aura. He radiated power and force that was almost similar as Lissy. My sunken eyes narrowed as I thought of what was I going to do next.

An idea came across my mind. Yes, of course. I shut my eyes and concentrated on Lissy. There was some hacking to be done…

Alyssa Pires

"Hmm… What a nice bed," I mumbled sleepily. Hey, wait a sec. Did I just say bed? My eyes flew open. Without warning, I sat up abruptly. WHAM! A wave of dizziness washed over me. Followed by a painful squeeze on my head.

"Ow!" I grunted, rubbing my head. Honestly, I couldn't remember crashing my head in a lamppost last night. Yet, I couldn't even remember what I ate last night. But that's because my flight from Washington to Daringsville, California was delayed. I fled immediately from her foster home because I was late for patrol. Carelessly, I shrugged it off,

"Are you okay?" a deep, rough voice said. I turned.

Oh. My. God.

"Hel-lo, protein shake," I managed to gasp as my eyes traveled up from the long muscular legs to tight six packs to the deep gray eyes. The burly-looking figure only had a pair of boxers on. That, I tell you, got me swooning at him real bad.

"Are you okay?" he repeated," You were moaning in your sleep, you know. I thought it was that nasty slash you've got there."

Then, an image of the ghastly werewolves flashed across my mind. I blinked. So, this was the mysterious guy who fought with me last night. I felt a twinge of annoyance. What was he thinking? I had everything under control until he came along. Absently, I reached out to scratch my belly. Suddenly, I realized that it had completely healed. I gasped and stared at the guy.

"Who are you?" I asked suspiciously.

"You stole my line," he muttered, looking annoyed.

"I'm serious, you know," I said, rising from the bed," Are you a demon?" I slipped my hand into my motorcycle jacket, grabbing hold of a bronze stake. Bronze stakes are for demons. Silver is for werewolves. Wood is for vampires. I always have one or two in my jacket. So you can guess how heavy my jacket can get during the full moon.

He smirked," Tell me, baby, what kind of demon will even give a damn about healing you?"

He rose from the old wooden chair that he had been sitting on. Boy, he was so much taller than me.

As he paced across his room, his face grew serious. Maybe he was debating with himself about what to say next. " This may sound dumb but… My name is Ryder Street and I'm an alien," he said hesitantly.

"Oh," I had never met aliens before. Sure, I had met demons of all sorts, bloody vampires and all kinds of hideous creatures. But I had never saw an alien before. I used to think they were kind of gooey, you know, covered with green slime. However, I was obviously wrong. This alien in front of me was so not covered with goo. He was rather covered with muscles. Very fine muscles.

"What about you?" he asked," What's your story?"

All of a sudden, I felt uncomfortable. My ex-Guardian, you know, the man whose job was to watch over the Fighters and train them, always advised me not to tell anyone about me being the Fighter Princess. However, I think I owed Ryder an explanation. Anyway, my Guardian was killed last month. So, I wouldn't get into so much trouble.

I hope.

"Um… I'm Alyssa Pires, the Fighter Princess of Humanity. She, who hangs around a lot in graveyards and reeky allies where the garbage usually is coz that's where demons love to slack around. A Fighter is born every 7 years. You know, I am so not in the mood of doing the routine. Check it out. Ask some demons if you want. They'll know about Fighters."

Ryder had stopped pacing and looked at me curiously." Do your parents know who you are? Coz they must be really worried if they found out you're not at home."

I felt as though I had been punched. I had always avoided the subject about my family. I mean, who would want to talk about them when they saw their family members' throats ripped viciously by werewolves right in front of my eyes, pleading for their dear lives, and you had no power stopping the murderers because you were only fourteen and didn't know your full ability of being a Fighter? Blinking, I realized in horror that tears were pricking at the back of my eyelids. After the day my parents and my twin sister died, I had completely forgotten the feeling of crying. It was as though being a Fighter was turning me to a brick. Totally emotionless.

"Oh, hell. You are gonna cry aren't you?" Ryder said, rolling his eyes," You really surprised me, baby. My dad used to talk about Fighters and how powerful they are. I missed him talking about them, since he croaked when I was twelve." He smirked," And you've proved him wrong. I didn't know a Fighter could faint and cry."

I could feel my face turn red in fury," Oh, yeah? So, you think I'm weak? I'll show you that I'm not," I snarled and added," Stop calling me baby, will ya?" Ryder started to snigger.

Without warning, I delivered a hard blow on his face. I had apparently caught him unprepared as he staggered back and muttered," Bitch,"

A wave of rage swept over me. No one calls me names and gets away with it. No one. No matter how good-looking the person was.

" I hate you!" I punched mercilessly in the stomach. He groaned and shot me a look of death. He dropped to the floor and tried to knock me off my feet.

" Fat chance," I growled, kicking him. A series of colorful words came streaming off his mouth. I narrowed my eyes into a hard look and glared at him.

"You know what? You are the rudest, most insensitive and foul-mouthed guy that a sixteen year old girl like me have the misfortune to meet," I said, brushing off my hair from my eyes.

" That's news from a file called 'like, duh. Totally?'" he grunted.

I was beginning to pound him to shreds when he took hold of me and lifted me to his bed, without much effort at all. I realized that he could be a good wrestler if he was trained hard enough. With his strength, it wouldn't be too difficult.

My breath was caught in my chest when he leaned down towards me. His powerful body was pressing against my petite figure. Our noses were almost touching. There were bruises on his strong jaw. I could hardly breathe. My heart was racing. Not only because his body weight is nearly squashing me, but his eyes were blazing. Seriously, I thought he was going to snap my head off, ending my life forever. I wasnt exaggerating or anything, you know. His facial expression was so menacing.

"Cut the crap, alright? I got the message already. You are no weak chick," he hissed," And I think you better get some sleep before you get to school if you don't want to look like you've been in a gang fight. It won't create a good impression for your new school."

I stared at him. How did he know I was a new kid in town? I sincerely hoped that he didn't know about my terrible record. I did't really fancy letting people know that I had actually exploded the chemistry laboratory while fixing a spell for exorcism because of the stumble of my tongue. Could you believe that only because I got a word wrong, the whole lab exploded and the next day I was expelled? What was the major difference between exorcismo (exorcism) and estalle (explode)?

All right, there's a huge difference, but it was really amazing how powerful a word can be.

Right now, I was still digesting what he had just said. I could be a bit slow, you know. Especially when I was under the intense glare of an ultimate hunk.

" How did you know I'm new?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

" Plus, I don't need any advice from a hood like you," I added.

A frustrated grunt escaped from his throat and his hands were curled into fists. I could hear him counting from one to ten and wondered vaguely if he had an anger-management problem.

" Firstly, I know you're new because Principle Robertson announced to everyone that a new girl will be joining the school and told us to welcome her," he began, in a strangled voice," Secondly, I know it's you because you told me you were sixteen and Robertson said that the girl is a sophomore."

" I did-" I started to ask but he cut me off curtly," Thirdly, I'm not a hoodlum."

" Uh-huh. Whatever," I wheezed. Seriously, I guessed the muscles in him must have weighed a ton because I really felt as though I was being smothered." Can you, uh, get off me?"

Ryder looked startled as though he had just realized that he was lying on top of me. I tried to breathe normally. But it wasn't easy. I mean, who could? Especially when I was only an inch away from his strong-looking lips.

Just as I was beginning to feel less woozy, Ryder started to tuck me into bed.

"Tell me exactly what are you trying to do? I thought I was taking the floor?" I asked, puzzled.

"Don't be an asshole. I'm taking the floor and you're taking the bed," he replied.

" No, I'm taking the floor," I said, rising from the bed.

" Bullshit. You are not," he said firmly," You're supposed to be wounded remember?"

I stood in front of him and lifted my chin defiantly. My face was only the height of his shoulder. I looked into his light gray eyes. " No, I-"

He cut me off in a disgusted voice. He had a don't-mess-with-me kind of frown. Which looked kind of macho if you ask me. "You better get that ass of yours," he pointed at it," on my bed or I'll put it there for you."

My eyes widened in surprise. I didn't know a hood like him was serious about me sleeping on his bed because I was injured. Without much hesitation, I sank into his bed.

His bed smelled like him. Nice and soothing. I wondered what shampoo he used and when would I get a chance to run through my hand into his ruffled, wavy hair. I have got a thing about guys with longish hair. Not too long, though, coz it would make them look like a girl instead.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep, I felt Ryder staring at me. His eyes fixed on me. As the moonlight shone on him, I saw a soft smile was playing around his lips. I squinted below at him," What?"

He looked somewhat astonished and a blush was creeping over his slightly sunken cheeks. Perhaps he thought I had already slept.

His face broke into a grin," You look like a doll, Pires."

I threw a pillow at him, sending him rolling in laughter. Without realizing it, I started to giggle. I had to admit, his laughter was addictive. Maybe Ryder was not that bad after all although we spent our first few moments together arguing. I was starting to enjoy his company.

A lot.