"Oh mom, do we have to go to the store right this instant?" asked Steven as he looked up at his mother who was towering over him, her hands on her hips. "Yes, Steven, get your things and lets go. Turn that TV off, get up, get your shoes on...hurry up! Let's Go!" Nikol, Steven's mom, rushed. Steven didn't see the point of why she wanted to go to the store right this very minute, but he knew how his mom could get if he didn't do what she said.

Right away, Steven stood up and ran to his room. A few seconds later, he came out carrying his shoes. "I will put them on in the car, you know...since we are in such a rush," he said. "Don't you get snappy with me, Steven. I have had about enough of your back talk ever since...well...the accident. I don't want to hear it anymore, you here?" Nikol snapped. "Okay, put your shoes on in the car, we don't have time for this...sitting around here." She almost sounded paranoid, like something happened that Steven didn't know about.

Steven grabbed his coat and followed his mother as they rushed out the door. Nikol let Steven get in the car as she locked the door behind her. She started to walk away, stopping once to turn and look back at the big blue house, her long, brown hair blowing in her face from the sea breeze blowing in from the beach. "Mom!" Steven yelled to his mother from the car. "What are you doing? I thought you said we just had to go to the store?" Nikol looked at her son, then back at the house, then started walking towards the car. She shook her head as she headed for the blue convertible in a little bit of a jog.

A little while down the road, Steven noticed that the store was in the opposite direction. "Hey mom? Where I we going? You said we were going to the store, right?" She didn't answer. "Mom? What are you doing?!" Nikol was stepping on the gas, the speedometer reaching almost sixty. Steven was horror stricken as he looked up from the speedometer to the road ahead and realized that they were coming up to a bend in the road. Steven sat back, bracing himself for the impact. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw the reflection of his mother, tears running down her face, her pool-blue eyes raging with determination.

The bend in the road was coming up fast and Steven was screaming his head off, his mom still not answering his every plea. Suddenly, at the last moment, Nikol steered left, following the road which was now a bridge. They were crossing the main lake of the town, Lake Hydronia. "Steven?" asked Nikol to her son. "Remember how mommy felt when daddy died? She felt terrible, right?" Steven nodded, shaking and crying, even harder after seeing the speedometer reach one hundred ten. "Well, mommy can't take it any longer. Mommy must do something about it, sweetie. You mustn't be afraid, son. Calm down and it will all be over in just a few seconds."

...and these were the last words that were heard of from Nikol Garmen or her son.

A few weeks later, the bodies of Nikol and Steven Garmen were found floating near an old oil mill on the south side of Lake Hydronia...limbs were missing...cuts and scratches all over...The newspapers were baffled and the crime investigators were stumped. This case was never solved...and no one was continuing the search for the real answer on why Nikol and Steven ended up dead in a lake, along with their car sitting on the lake floor.