Now, our story must focus in, finally, on our main character here. Justin Fellows has just gotten out of his last class of the day at Dr. Luvette High. The sun was beating down on the pavement just outside of the building, when the two, red, metal front doors burst open, letting out a tidal wave of students. Justin was still inside, at his locker, when there was a loud crash and then a bunch of people rushing to the girls bathroom, just down the hall.

The principal and teachers, students and staff, all rushing in and out of the girls bathroom, girls and boys. Justin put his stuff down on the ground and rushed over to see what the commotion was. Just as he got there, there was a little pool of blood that leaked out into the hallway. "Somebody, please! Call 9-1-1! Quick!" yelled the principal, so hard that Justin could see the veins pop out on his neck. A wave of nausea swept over the crowd as blood kept pouring into the hallway. Oh my god…I can't believe what I am seeing…Can it be? Someone…dead…at my school? Justin thought to himself.

Quickly, he turned and fled from the scene, trying so hard not to throw up his lunch that he had eaten not only fifteen minutes ago. As he passed his locker, he quickly swept up his back-pack and, not caring whether or not he had his homework for that night, slammed his locker and left the school.

Outside, Justin saw and heard the ambulance and police coming down the main road and turn into the school parking lot. "Justin! What is the matter with you, man? Why did you run so fast out of there?" Justin looked around to see who was talking to him and saw his best friend, Kyle. Kyle was the athletic type. You know the type who is stupid at everything but sports. Compared to Kyle, Justin was a French fry and felt like a miniscule pea next to him. It was a wonder he thought of themselves as best friends. "I don't know, man. I mean, you saw the blood. I can't handle stuff like that very well. I just…uh…have to get home actually. I will talk to you later!" Justin replied, and with that, he turned and ran towards the sidewalk that led to his house. Kyle just stood there with a confused look on his face and just shrugged his shoulders.

Later that night, Justin told his mother what had happened that day. Justin lived only with his mother and has been that way since he was three years old. His mother and father split up and has never spoken to each other since. God only knows where his father is right now. Anyways, when Justin had finished up his story, his mother just sat there in total silence with her hand over her mouth, almost looking as if she was going to cry. "Mom? It wasn't my intent to make you cry. I just wanted to inform you why I ran into the door this afternoon. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't even realize that it was closed," Justin then chuckled, hoping to get his mother to laugh again.

"Justin, I just want to let you know up front. If I ever hear of you complaining about your looks while looking into a mirror, I swear I will ring you!" his mother screamed. Justin thought to himself that maybe she knew something about what had happened earlier that day at school. "O-okay, m-mom…I won't let that happen…" and with that last thought, Justin stood up, pushed his chair in, and went upstairs, leaving his mother in silence.