Okay, so this is the good copy of the story... The characters in this story come from each of our current stories, though none of them have shown up yet. The main character's (Magma, Ac3, Dood, and Sckytzo) are all on a character level, meaning that the character's don't reflect the authors in any way, shape, or form. So, enjoy.
Chapter 1 The not-so chosen ones

It was an average day at the Chara Academy; the students went along their average business, which right now was to have lunch. Our story starts at the outside of the school. Most kids ate their lunches out there just to get out of that stuffy school, one peculiar group of kids started talking.

"…Are you serious?" asked one, a burgundy haired boy who looked to be only in the second grade.

"Maybe her imagination is acting up again…" replied a blue haired boy with sunglasses on. This kid was much older than the first boy; he was older by three years.

"Nuh-uh! It's true!" defended a small blonde haired girl. She was in kindergarten.

"Pssh! Yeah, whatever…" The burgundy boy scoffed as he put his hands into the pockets of his school uniform.


The boy fell over face first into the mud; he felt the lump on his head and looked at the rock three feet away from him.

"LISTEN TO ME NEXT TIME ACE!!" demanded the small girl.

"…Damn psycho bitch…" grumbled Ace as he rubbed the lump on his head.

"What was that!?" The girl asked with another rock in her hand ready to throw it at a moments notice.

"Yah! Sckytzo! Control your sister!" Screamed Ace as he cowered behind the older boy.

"Ace, I already told you, I just found her a week ago. She's not my sister, my parent's are just taking care of her." Replied the blue haired boy as he took the rock from the girl. "Now, Dood, don't hit him with a rock."

"Awww." The girl hung her head low.

"Yeah, stu-botch!"

"Hit him with this." Sckytzo handed Dood a paper fan.


"Heh Heh Heh…" the girl started swinging the fan violently at Ace, chasing him down a hill where they both stopped dead in their tracks. What they found was something that the Academy, and the world, regretted they ever saw. A small, red, furry demon was wobbling, trying to stand up. His fur was charred, especially his hands. Next to him was a blue demon that was unconscious; she seemed identical to him.

"Hi… My name's Magma, and I like pie…" he stated before collapsing.

Seven years later

Ace looked at the Academy in despair. He was now in his freshman year at the Chara Academy; this meant he was free game for any upperclassman. Another year in this hellhole… He looked around as if avoiding someone, but it was too late.

"ACE! HOW THE HELL ARE YA!?" shouted Dood in an overly happy manner. She then got really close to Ace. "Ace, be honest…" she started.


"Have you seen the Fuzz-ball anywhere? He owes me for what he did to my other uniform…" She held up a charred piece of clothing.

"Nope, haven't seen him today." She glared at him and walked off, when she was out of earshot Ace spoke up again. "She's gone." His backpack rustled as a red haired boy poked his head out of it. "Magma, what did you do?" Asked Ace, knowing he'd probably regret it in the long run.

"Nothing out of the norm." Replied the boy as he climbed out of the backpack. "She should be thankful, the gun was supposed to vaporize her."



"…(Behind you!)…" Whispered Ace, his face now pale as a ghost.

Magma turned around to see his twin sister looming over him like a shadow of death. The blue haired girl looked at Ace then at Magma. "What did you do Magma." She demanded, as the more mature of the twins Frost took on more of a parental role.

"Nothing…" lied Magma.

"You're lying."

"You can't make me talk Ice Queen!"

She looked at her stubborn brother and realized the truth in what he said, she'd need someone else to tell. She then turned to Ace.

"Ace…" She started, doing her best to sound seductive. "…Can you tell me what my bad brother did? Please?"

"HA! I'll never rat out on Magma that he tried to vaporize Dood but only burned her uniform to a crisp…NEVER!" Ace retorted, not realizing that he just contradicted himself. Frost turned Magma and smirked a wickedly evil smirk. "What the- Aw, FUCK!!" Shouted Ace, realizing his mistake. As Frost dragged Magma into the school by his ear, a figure flew off the roof and returned to whence it came.

When the beast returned to it's den a commotion could be heard in a corridor. The monster decided to investigate what was going on. The deeper into the den he got the more elaborate his surroundings became. It was no longer rocks, but stonewalls and massive chambers, he stopped to pay respects in one particular room. It bowed before a large stone statue of a Hellish beast. It had horns all over its body and its flesh appeared to be shaped as armor. It stood erect with its mouth agape and his tongue peaked out of the mouth. Next to him was his daughter, a small girl with hair that curled at the shoulder and rose up to resemble horns. She wore a simple dress with a belt; she was also without any shoes. The plaque beneath the stone figures read: The Nightmare King Carnage and the Princess Gin.

The beast looked at the other statue in the room and scoffed. There were two figures just like the other one. This one had the little girl as well but someone else was standing next to her, a woman that resembled the little girl; the queen. The queen had long hair that reached well below her shoulders; her body was covered in armor and tattoos, a sign of the Gekai. The plaque read: The Gekai General Chinuru and the Princess Gin. The Queen was disliked by most of the Nightmare creatures, as most still did not trust the Gekai. The beast then looked up at a giant bell that hung from the ceiling, it too had an inscription on it, and this one was a prophecy.

Once every hundred thousand years,

When the Sun doth shine,

And the Moon doth glow,

And the grass won't grow,

For the Banished this is the time,

This is when the realms will pay what they owe.

The prophecy was deciphered by the King and the Queen, but was only told to the princess. Now, two of those three were slain and the third has yet to tell a soul the meaning of the bell. The nightmare dismissed the thoughts of the bell and decided to continue it's investigation of the commotion.

It eventually followed the noises to the throne room where a nightmare creature was groveling to a cloaked figure. The throne room was massive, a large circle shaped room where the throne was surrounded by a dark liquid. Behind the throne was a red cloth draped on the wall that had an enlarged version of the nightmare symbol colored black. The nightmare that was groveling before the hooded figure stood up to explain his plight but was interrupted by a surprisingly sweet voice.

"You no longer need to defend yourself." A little girl put down a doll andjumped down the throne onto the dark water that surrounded her oversized throne. She looked at the nightmare with soft eyes. The white haired girl walked over to the creature and patted its head. It began to say something to say something but was interrupted again by Gin. "I know it won't happen again…" She quickly grabbed its neck and ripped its head off its shoulders and tossed it at the nightmare that just entered the room. It caught the head and after realizing what was just thrown at him, he fumbled it and threw it to the ground. "You'd better have some good news…"

"I-I've found them your majesty. The last of the miscreants!" Gin looked at the beast for a second then turned to the hooded figure.

"Gather the warriors." She commanded, regaining her composure. "Soon the last of those wretched beasts will be destroyed."

characters to appear in next chapter: Tha G.O.D., Stan II, and other characters from stories YOU haven't read yet... NINJA BOY IV!!