A/N: Inspired by an actual discussion between me and my boyfriend last night....I really would've gone to Vegas....sigh


Let's run away to Vegas
On a one-way red-eye flight
So awake the jet-lag is welcomed

Miles of desert and pretty lights
Looking out the window as we descend
Touch down together on a plane of sand

Hand in hand, stride down the street
Jump and attack the bed cause we're tired
I kick you out cause I've gotta change

Sitting up wide awake yet sleepy
Talking about anything and everything
On our weary minds

Tomorrow starts a new adventure
I even brought a dress
For who knows where it will lead us?

Hit the streets once more
Blinded by the neon
Just you and me

Rings on our fingers
I'm only nineteen
And you're twenty-three

Finally together,
The way
It was meant to be.....