Those words were not meant to be written
But yet you wrote them anyway
You told me, no you admitted
That you couldn't live with me another day

How do you think it made me feel?
After the sweet things I wrote about you
Do you think this is just not real?
That I'll leave you once I'm through?

You know those words were not meant to be said
But yet you said them anyway
You hurt me, I felt like I was dead
Now it's you for whom I pray

How do you think it made me cry?
After I found out the smiles were fake
I can't believe one more lie
You're right, this is your mistake

I really was glad that we found each other
In this depressing place and time
But now I don't know why I even bother
Because you already drew the line

You know, I really was happy to have you
As my very special friend
Sure, there have been times we weren't true
But I never thought we were meant to end

I'm really sorry you still feel that way
About something that happened so long ago
I really wish you'd be here to stay
But you don't want that, yeah I know

So you said that we need a break
Sure, that's fine with me
But don't expect me to sit around and wait
For you to finally realize and see

That all I want for us is to be friends
I really wish you could let go of the past
But you know, my love is not for rent
And much longer than this day we won't last