What Did I Do?

I listened,

sadness and hurt flowing through me,

I knew this was the pain of my journey,

not the end,

but a acquird new beginning,

atleast at my part.

I didn't have a choice,

Leaving wasn't even near an option.

But I wanted to,

so bad.

It churned inside me,

I didn't know what I did,

to end up in this crooked place.

But as the tip of that pen,

barely scratched that paper,

marking my name,

carving my destiny of seclution,

and I couldn't stop it,

especially since I was the one who put me here,

not intentionally,

but mearly an accident.

I was telling the truth,

I sware,

I didn't do anything wrong.

It's there,

I'm telling you,

You can't see it?

you'd see it if you just looked.

It's not just me.

I know what this place is.

I don't belong here,

I don't want to live here.

The groans of pain.

Just look around,

Am I that bad?

Not nearly.

These things I see are real,

you just don't believe in them.

you have to look beyound,

it's not a mirage.

I don't need pills.

or a padded wall.

I don't care what you don't see,

but all I have to say is it's there.

So just lock me up so I can suffer,

I give up.