Dipping low the sun does
Sleeping for the day
Leaving behind a starry array
High above the restless streets below
Where he stalks and preys
As he's done for years and years
Since the dawn of time,
When the ancient kings ruled the land.

But he pushes these oldmemories behind
With elongated teeth drawn,
Sinking deep into tender skin, delicate veins
Drinking in the liquid life
The potion of great high
The tonic of great pleasure

But suddenly he retches, deep frown sketched
Wrong, wrong, all wrong
Not supposed to taste this way
Not like ashy dust of yesterday
Away from the dying body he turns and runs
Runs with wide eyes blind down the streets of nostalgia,
Scared, alone, lost
For the first time in his long, long life
From ancient eyes bloody tears form
Held back so long for so many years
Hidden behind the shame

And as he sits upon his great throne of stone
High upon the building of pain
He watches the sunrise
Bright yellow eye, swirling in luminous verdict
Eye of truth, sphere of life
Light he has not seen for a thousand years
Warmth he has not felt for countless cold nights,
Burning his snowy skin like the fires of hell

But he laughs mirthlessly, closing his eyes against the blinding truth
The dreaded comprehension lost in time but found with time
Spreads his arms wide, he opens his tired eyes
And grins; slow, mournful, blissful
As he watches the sunrise one last time