Chapter 1 ---------

My name is Rich Chamelin, but its pronounced "shamlin". Come to think of it, I don't exactly know what nationality it is.
I don't exactly know where I am, it is some sort of white room. Well... very white actually. There is no color at all other than white, and well of course my lightly tanned skin. I'm also wearing white, but I have no recollection of wearing this before.
The only other thing in this room is a white podium... with a brown book sitting on top of it. Which I swear was not there a moment ago.
This must be a doctors waiting room or something. But why would I be in a doctor's office? I mean, I feel fine... I must be here about my recent memory troubles.
Ah, and the doctor must have put this book here for to me read while I was waiting.
I guess I'll walk over to it.
The book has its title written in some kind of glimmering ivory. It's really very pretty. The title is "A Slice Of Life Travesty"... Hmm? Sounds like it could be good, hey I've got connections, if its any good I could get a movie out of it. Heh, you better quit dreaming Rich.

Okay, so chapter one, "Grey Daniel"? Odd name for a chapter.

Daniel Frankie lived in Chicopee Massachusetts. The city is only important if you live anywhere near it. Daniel always thought of Chicopee as a sadistic joke. Walking to school he always felt as if he was a rat in a maze. The streets never ended where they should, or really do anything they should.
He had a girlfriend. "Extremely gorgerous", that was how he described her. She thought of herself as marginal, at best. Mary Jones.
Daniel was a junior, in CHS, Chicopee High School.
The current date: July 4, 1986

Daniel woke up at around 8, his eyes were too fuzzy to make out what the rest of the numbers were, like he cared anyway. He put on his glasses and made his way to the bathroom.
Daniel opened the medicine cabinet and took a pill bottle. He stared at the bottle for a moment and then threw it on the ground and stomped on it.
Edging his way towards the tub, Daniel spotted the mirror and stopped suddenly. "Come on you bitch! You're nothing but a freaking chicken, come on! Fight me!" The mirror chanted at him.
Daniel smashed his head into the mirror, shattering it instantly, sending the pieces over his shoulders and embedding quite a few in his forehead. Daniel staggered for a moment, before he passed out and hit his head on the bathtub during the fall.

There was noise, alot of it. Daniel couldn't make distinctions between the noise. He was relatively content with this, because he had just remembered what he had done.
Then, a disruption in the noise, a sound that, probably because of Daniel's own mind, was more important than the others, so it ripped its way through.
"...niel? Are you okay? I'm here Danny, I love you." It was Mary!
Daniel jerked open his eyes, which caused him to groan in horrific pain... His eyes had been stitched shut.
The doctors voice came through, "Calm down son, we'll remove those shortly, we needed to do that so no blood got into you eyes and so that you wouldn't move your forehead around, we're still stitching that up"
"It's okay hun, the doctor knows what he doing." Mary said. He felt her put his guilty hand into hers.
"Breathe in deep hun"
Daniel fell into the black.

The room was off-white. He didn't have to open his eyes to know that. Every hospital room was off-white. Daniel thinks that is something that was designed into the blueprints.
He opened his eyes.
"Good morning sweet heart." Daniel gasped. This voice was his own. He was staring up into his own eyes. There was no mirror... this was him... well, another him.
"What the crap are you"
The other Daniel smiled. "Do you have to ask"
Daniel groaned, "Yes I do, I have no clue who or what you are"
"Heh, well Daniel, I am what you are afraid to embrace about yourself"
Daniel attempted to swing at this figure but his arm wouldn't move.
"See what I mean? You have an angry streak in you. From your father actually. He used to beat your mother, ya know? Hmm, yea, he was an asshole. Do you remember that you were the one that killed him? Yea, that is why you are on that stupid medication. You really don't remember that do you? You were ten years old and took the gun you mom hid and planned on killing your dad. Then one day while he was beating your mother, you took the gun and shot him in the balls. You then grabbed a kitchen knife and tortured him for an hour before killing him... The entire time your father didn't fight you, he just apologized for what he had done, he asked God for forgiveness. Fat lot of good that'd do him though, huh? That bastard deserved what he had got"
"Yes he did... He deserved to die a thousand deaths." Daniel growled.
"There it is, the anger. You know something else? You hate Mary Jones... And will kill her"
"SCREW YOU!" Daniel manged to jerk himself up and come face to face with his other self. "I love Mary and I would never fucking hurt her"
"Mearly telling you who and what you are. Sorry"
He vanished, and Daniel fell asleep on the bed.

Mary Jones.... Mary Jones...

"Mary Jones!" Daniel woke up panting.
"Danny?" Mary jumped up and gave him a hug.
"I love you." said Danny, he reached under his blanket and pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the head. Her blood ran unto his hand.
"I love you too." Mary managed in barely a whisper.

I turn The page in the book. Two boxes are there, they say "Heaven" and "Hell", and above it is the question "Where do you send me?"

A pen appears next to the book.
I check the box marked "Hell" and turn the page.