The Love of the Game

Every day I sit the game

And watch them set the ball a-flame

I always dress in uniform

To sit and watch my team storm

The court – squeaky shoes on glazed floor

Defeated teams come back for more

Light's so bright, no shadow cast

"Lunge for the ball! Go get it, fast!"

Though I feel as just a pawn

I'll stand here and cheer them on

I know it's hard to play the game

And walk away face full of shame

Though they may forget I'm even here

My heart's on the court, so here I cheer

"Go, team, go! Spike, ace, kill!"

I'll be here every minute 'til

That one last player leaves the gym

And the lights begin to dim

I'll proudly walk to middle of the court

And raise my hands in full support

Of the weight of God's presence raining down

And I'll catch a glimpse of His golden crown

I'll take a moment to offer him praise

And thank him for those amazing plays

"Now on to Finals and State," I declare

"Dad, I just pray they'll acknowledge you there,

By laying their glory all at your feet

And, after the game in unity meet

All the same in one mind and accord

To come together and proclaim you as Lord!"

With tears streaming down my face

I turn around and leave this place

And as I take a sip of water

I turn to hear, "I love you, Daughter."