What did I do wrong?

I need to know now not later!

Where did I go wrong?

You broke my heart.

First, you loved me.

Then, the next time I saw you, you were flirting with another girl.

You didn't care about my feelings.

You just trampled all over my heart.

My friends warned me that you were bad news, but then I was in love and didn't want to listen to them.

Now I feel like a total fool.

All I ever hear now are people telling me I told you so.

Why did you lead me on like you did?

No one ever showed me the affection that you did.

No one ever showed me any appreciation like you did.

No one ever cared for me as much as you did.

I had never loved anyone as much as I did towards you.

I was behind you one hundred and ten percent.

I knew that it was too good to last.

I knew that something was going to happen but I just didn't know when.

I was a fool to trust you with my feelings.

You really broke my heart.

You didn't care about me.

You didn't even have the courage to tell me to my face that you wanted to break up with me.

You let me know by flirting with another girl.

I am too heart broken to ever speak to you again.

I will always wonder if you were the right one but now you will never find out.

I have always thought you were the right one but my guess was totally wrong.

Why did you put me through all this pain and suffering?

Did I do anything wrong to make you feel this way towards me?

I know that I may have said some things but none of them were about you?

Everyone thought I was talking about you but why would I if I loved you?

My feelings for you were much more than friends were.

We weren't even friends for very long before I fell in love with you.

There was one thing I wanted to ask you.

Did you really love me as much as I loved you?

It seems that you used me in the first place.

I can never forgive myself forever falling in love with you.

When you answer me then I will know that what needs to be said has been said.

I will be out of your life, forever after you speak the words of your mind.

Bye, for now and eternity.