I tried to talk, but you ignored me… again. It was important this time, like always. But you didn't hear me, did you? Of course not, why would you?

You've already proven that I'm not worth your time. So why pretend to care? I know. To impress them. Because they are more important than me. I can tell you think that.

I can tell a lot of things. When you make me be quiet, I listen and I watch. You're not the good person you trick people into thinking you are. The person I thought you were. I know better.

Am I not worth the little trouble it takes to care for me? Do you hate me because I know the truth? I'm family. You shunned me like you do everyone else.

Or maybe you just don't see us. You've got your nose so high in the air, and your head is so big your floating above the rest of us. I wish I had a needle, then I could pop your ego and you'd be no better than the rest of us. Wait, you aren't better than the rest of us. You just think that.

You need to wake up. You need to realize. The world won't care that you were liked by certain people in high school, I don't care either. And you won't get through life on your looks alone. You're not special and you have no right.

Can you see me now? Are you paying attention? Good. It's too late. But, before I go, I just wanted you to know, this is all you're fault.