God pushed her down the steps.

She tries to fly and fails,

for an eternity before-

she hit the slabs,

her knee shatters on contact.

and her cheek smacks the concrete

like her cheek hits her pillow.

She is propelled by her own force,

to roll and twist and almost dance

horizontally down the steps.

Her legs turn behind her, bent,

like ribbons tied to a train

forgotten and pointless behind the body.

And her eyes were fixed on the sky.

The sick little journey ends with a crack.

And the unnatural music

of this one woman ball is realised.

The divine motion ceases

and she is still.

We stare for a matter of minutes.

One kind soul all dressed in black, walked over

And closed her blind eyes.

'Cause that sky never opened for her,

she knew it never would.

We all look from her, to God at the top.

He is outlined in sunlight and beauty.

He laughs like a madman:

At the crows around the dead girl.

And how we all line up for him

at the top of the steps.