Chloe's POV

"Get back inside now Chloe!" my mother was screaming at me. I hadn't even set foot out of the door and it had started. I sighed and instantly gave up. Instead of baring the 30 minute lecture of "why I shouldn't leave the house wearing corsets and skirts" I went straight upstairs and spent 20 minutes changing my look completely.

Away went the short black skirt and tight corset-style top and replacing it was a pair of torn black jeans and plain pink vest top. That was more what I felt comfortable in but I'd taken to fitting in more lately.

I'd gotten a new boyfriend and with that came new friends. They'd all complimented my skirt and corsets so I chose to wear them more. I still stuck to my jeans though. They would always be a favourite.

Once I finally left the house after a complete summary of where I was going, who was there going to be there, when I'd be back and receiving the no foreign substances lecture.

I was headed to Matt's house. He was my new boyfriend; we'd been together for around 3 weeks. He was my first boyfriend ever and I was kind of surprised how well this had been going on. People were always going on how boys were nothing but trouble but so far there'd been no problems. There was my mother, refusing to let her "little Chloe" grow up but I'd get used to that soon enough.

I looked at my watch as I walked down the road. 10 minutes for the next bus. I sat there and thought of what was supposed to be happening tonight. Jess, Katie and Luke were apparently going to be at Matt's house along with a new guy I'd never met.

Katie was at my school along with Matt whereas Luke and Jess were at an apparent rival school down the road. I had no idea about this new guy though. He was a complete mystery. I hoped he wouldn't be that much trouble to get on with.

As the bus pulled up there was an old woman complaining about teenagers and their inability to have any respect for elders and a guy who looked around 18. His face was a mixture of embarrassment and sheer humour so I guessed he was the one she was moaning about.

I picked a seat across from him and idly glanced in his direction to see him staring at me. He caught me looking and winked. I laughed and smiled back. He was defiantly cute but I was too much in love with Matt, or what I'd taken to be love.

I'd never been given a clear description of love but I was guessing that's what I felt. I was happy with him and just a smile off him made me smile and my heart leapt with each touch.

I thought back to this new guy I was going to meet. His name was Joe and according to Katie I'd get on with him really well. I was always she but loved meeting new people, and thinking of what secrets their lives held past and future. It always interested me to think what people's personalities were like; I could never work out how people saw me though. I found myself as a plain uninteresting girl but Katie and Jess said if that was true then how would I have so many friends. I refused to answer them knowing they would see me as self-pitying.

As I walked down the dark street I saw the boy from the bus following me. As I kept walking and saw he was still on his way I began feeling nervous and quickened my pace to Matt's house. I was nearly running by the time I reached the door.

I pounded on the door knowing that someone may not hear me. The sounds of a guitar could be heard and I could tell it was Luke straight away. He was the only one who had mastered Dream Theatre and I certainly was in awe.

When Matt answered the door, my heart did its normal little leap of joy at seeing him again. I had a slight frown on my face when I saw the bottle of vodka in his hand. It was never good when he drank. He normally ended up destroying something and then falling asleep where ever he decided to lie down.

"Hey babes" he said giving me an alcohol-filled kiss. His kisses were normally sweet. This one how ever was rough and uncoordinated. I blamed it on the vodka. I just smiled and began walking up towards his room, with the sounds of laughter and music.

I reached the top of the stairs when I heard the door bell ring again. Looking back I saw Matt turn around and stumble down the stairs towards the door. I sighed knowing this night would not go well.

I walked in the room to be pounced on by Kate and I saw Jess half asleep already on Matt's bed. I placed myself on the computer chair and proceed in changing the music from some death metal to punk.

"I have the computer chair I am in control" I shouted over the music and Luke and Matt's groans of disbelief. I laughed and turned around to find the guy from the bus stood there with a smile on his face, his eyes showing laughter.

Kate jumped up to hug him and turned to me.

"Clo, this is Joe!"

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