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Chloe's Point of view

I woke the next morning at 7am. I'd finally gotten to sleep at 4am with Katie struggling to get Jess to not throw up in our bed. Katie and I had attempted to watch 'The Craft' but every five minutes we were interrupted by Jess shouting something. Often it was mumbling incoherently about Matt. Others it was about passing her more alcohol.

As I looked over to her now I saw she looked dishevelled and had make-up streaks across her face. I decided to get up and clear the remains of tear streaks from my face. Luckily Jess had been distracting Katie too much so that she didn't notice I'd been crying.

All that was going through my head was 'He loves her', I don't know why but I'd gotten it into my head that Matt didn't love me…but loved Jess. I put the thought out of my head quickly and continually scrubbed my face and tried to cover the indication of my poorly slept night.

As I returned into the room I noticed two hours had passed since I'd awoken and it was now 9am. Katie was now awake and trying to clear the room up from Jess's escapades earlier that morning.

"Why do we let her do this?" Katie looked at me as she asked me. She looked so tired and I knew she hadn't slept very much the night before. I shrugged and began picking up and counting the bottles as she went to get ready. I was onto number 7 when Jess turned over and fell off the small couch she'd finally collapsed on.

She looked directly at me and then turned over.

"Up! Come on were going out soon" I said while prodding her in her spine. I ducked the sharp claws coming towards my head. "Oi! It was your choice to go completely out of it! Don't attack me for you idiocy"

She got up, game me an evil glare and headed towards the bathroom. I sighed and began getting dressed. I'd just finished pulling on my black baggy jeans, complete with fishnet tears and chains and a plain black vest top when Katie's phone began to play its tune of Blink 182 "I miss you"; I passed her the phone while dancing to the tune. She gave me the weirdest look as she began talking to the person on the other end of the mobile.

I guessed it was either Luke or Joe by the way she was talking to them. At the moment when speaking to Matt she seemed very distant and wouldn't look him in the eye. I began working on putting my make-up on. I knew it was pointless. Katie would soon be taking over; I just did it to see how much I could do without her help.

I ran over to the CD player and placed an Incubus CD on random and as 'Drive' started blaring from the speakers I danced until I heard my name being mentioned. I just turned round while still trying to sort some style into my long brown hair. I couldn't reach the bottom though. I was trying not to fall over while bending backwards to plait the ends.

"Yeah she's dancing around while doing her hair……yeah I'll see if she wants to" She then turned to me. "Want to meet Joe in town?" I just nodded while I had a clip in my mouth. "She nods, she's a lil' busy……Okay 11 in town" she hung up and then gave me a look. I instantly took the look as 'sit down and I'll help you'. I began laughing as we sat down.

We joked and messed around until Jess walked back into the room. She just seemed to give us a look and she walked back out again. I sat there confused. She hadn't been herself for ages; I decided to ask Matt later on as she'd been confiding in him a lot more than me and Katie for a while now.

I turned to face Katie to see she was imitating Jess's face. It took all my energy not to laugh very loud and wake the household. We quickly forgot about Jess's moods as we got ready to wander into town with Joe.

When we saw him a smile crept on my face. I don't know how it got there…it just appeared and it would not leave at all.

For the next two hours we enjoyed what fun we could have on an early Saturday morning. In on department store Katie, Joe and I began having a pillow fight while Jess sat on the phone to someone. She later told us it was Luke and he and Matt would be meeting us in an hour. When I glanced at Joe he seemed not too pleased with this. I kept a false smile on, hoping no-one would realise that Matt was the last person I wanted to see.

The last thing he'd said to me last night was "Take care of Jess" and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I felt worthless and hurt. I decided retail therapy was in order and grabbed Katie and dragged her into the nearest art shop.

I started making a new bracelet before I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. Instantly recognising the bracelet on his wrist I turned around and hugged him back.

"Miss me?" Matt's deep voice whispered in my ear. I just nodded into his chest and gave him a quick kiss. As I leant on his shoulder I saw Joe looking directly at me. I suddenly felt guilty…but I had no reason to. I wasn't going out with him, I was with Matt and I was happy…yes I was happy.

We all went into the park for a few hours after the incident in the art and craft shop. This consisted of a new game being invented which was mostly 'Who could come closest to hitting a squirrel' using a metal rod. This game was mostly between Joe and Matt while I sat and talked to Luke. Katie and Jess had wandered off away from us promising they'd be back before three.

At quarter past three Katie showed up looking slightly upset and told us all Jess would be back soon. I ran to give Katie a hug but she told me that she was fine. I doubted it but felt put off. Soon jess arrived and we all began walking out of the park.

Or in Joe's, Katie's and my point of view skipping and jumping around. When I turned around Matt, Luke and Jess had disappeared. I felt slightly annoyed that they'd left us but decided to carry on having fun. Every time I looked at Joe he seemed to be looking at me first. We had some secret smiles but no major flirting. For some reason I wondered if Matt and Jess were hiding something from me, but I decided I was just exaggerating things completely out of perspective.