Title: Graveyard

Author: Lia (Unattainable Adrenaline)

Summary: What do you do when the only one who loves you is dead?

A/N: Had a dream about this one, folks. Yes, that's right. I wrote it in my dream. Hehe… I love my mind…


It hurt to look at the gravestone. The etched marble words seemed to mock him as he stared at them and soon they all blurred together like they always did but he knew what they said.

Died June 12, 2004.

His birthday.

His best friend was killed on his birthday.

More than simply his best friend, but no one but the two knew that. No one now but him. That was a year ago today, the anniversary full of nothing but more pain than he ever wanted to feel.

Because it was his fault.

Everyone knew how drunk he was that night when he had taken him out to party and get drugged up for a celebration. Everyone knew how he didn't mean to speed down the 45 mile limit zone at 90 mph and hit the stopped car in front of him. Everyone knew that because of the way the car crashed that it was inevitable that anyone in the passenger's seat would have been killed.

But what everyone didn't know was that he didn't die instantly. The doctors of course told the family that he had, because what good would it do to tell the parents that their son had suffered and felt his body nearly split apart? His nerves may have been in numbed and dulled from the shock and drugs he had no doubt consumed, but he would still feel it none the less.

And it was his fault.

No one ever said it out loud, but everyone knew. They knew that it had been his idea, that the other boy hadn't really wanted to go. His family had stopped talking to him, along with his friends and even his teachers. Everyone knew it was his fault.

But… But they still didn't know what it felt like to hear your best friend's screams rip through the air and sob, beg for you to help them, just to please hold me, Oh God, just hold me because they knew they were going to die. They didn't know what it was like to not be able to; to be stuck in the seat belt no matter how hard you tried and the only thing you could do was reach for his bloody hand, and grasp that hand as hard as you could. They didn't hear the last words come out of their mouths be I still love you even after what he had done. They didn't know.

But it was still his fault.

And now as his body curled against the cold stone, he could feel the words carved by his own hand beneath the date.

I still love you.

The words drifted into his ears even as the blood flowed down his arms, his heart pumping slower with every beat as it slowly pushed out the precious life. Life he didn't want.

I still love you.

He was so cold, even in the summer heat he was freezing. He looked to his hands and saw the skin rapidly turning a purple-blue, the veins were now visible. My blood for yours.

I still love you.

His breath now was laboured and hard to catch. Almost there now, almost there.

I still love you.

I'm almost with you.

I still love you.

Strong arms wrapped around him and a gentle voice whispered in his ear.

I still love you.

What do you do when the only person you love is dead?

Why, you join them, of course.


Okay, yes, I have odd dreams too. :)