In the middle of a meltdown
Breaking down to cry.
My head dizzy
My body weak
Sometimes I feel like I'm going to die.

My muscles contract and throb
Anxiety compounds
One ache upon another
Upon another.

I'm starting to feel sick all over
Anxiety through and through.
I feel like I can hardly breathe.
All of this pain over you.

And you
And you.

I don't even know who and what it's for
It's too much, so hard to ignore
I'm tearing up deep inside
From this pain I can no longer hide.

I cannot breathe
I cannot think
All I feel is pain so deep
The agony is filling me
Deep down, where no one can see.

I can't explain any of this
This anxiety is so hard to dismiss
On occasion I want to die
But even more, I want to cry.

I want to understand
I want to fling this pain away
I want to feel something else
I don't want to feel so insane
Any more.