I think that I very well may be.

Be what?

I don't want to admit it.

Admit what?

That I'm- see? You almost got me to say it.

To say what?

I'm not going to fall for it.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

But just because you don't admit it doesn't mean its not true.

What's not true?

That we're depressed.

See? You just said yourself that we're not depressed.

Arg you! You fooled me!

See? That's why I'll never admit it.

But I just did.

But that was you…

But aren't you and I the same person? You're me and I'm you?

Well, technically, yes, I suppose so, but I'm never going to admit it.

Why not? It's not exactly something we can prevent. Its like the flu, as Tyler so says.

But that's it. How can you compare the flu to depression? And we are not depressed.

If you say so. But I still say we are.

You keep saying that.

I will. Because we are.

You may be, but I'm not.

I thought we got past this. I'm you and you're me. So if I'm you and you're me and we say that I'm depressed, then you're depressed too.

What? You just really confused me.

That's the whole point. Because you are depressed.

Now you're talking as if there's one of us. But there's not. We're two people.

No… we're the same person… I think. Tyler wants us to be one person and he's happy when we are. Arg! This is very confusing. I'm the you that wants to you to admit that you're depressed.

But I'm not-we're not- depressed!

Are you sad?

Yeah, everyone is.

Sighs You know what I mean. More than normal?


Ever feel hopeless?

… I guess…

Ever feel guilty… like there is something you could have done to prevent this?

You know, I hate reverse physiology.

I know we didn't participate in that snowball fight on Friday and we really wanted to. And I know that I feel like we're slowed down… but then again, that's your doing.

Just stop it already.

Will you admit to it?

No! Because we're not!

We're always tired…

That's because we can never get to sleep and stay asleep.

Which is my next point: we have insomnia. And sometimes we over sleep.


I know, but sometimes we do and that's on the list.

You're reading off of a list?

Yeah. You really expect me to have this all memorized?


Ok, ok… we have thought about killing ourselves and I know that. As we say, there is no point of living anymore.

Life sucks. We can't help it. And it's: I have no want to live; yet I have no want to die.

Yes we can. We're very restless and sometimes very irritable. I hate not being able to feel like we can't sit through any one class. I want us to be better!

Well so do I!

Than admit it!

I have nothing to admit. We have nothing to admit.

I've already admitted my part. You just have to.

But we're not!

We can't think properly and we're constantly telling Melissa and Tyler and Kiki to tell us if it's all too much for them because it's far too much for us and we always feel that we're a burden to them.

You know, I hate you.

… Low self-esteem…

Reverse physiology again… but I do not have low self-esteem.

We say life is unfair.

Actually, that was Tyler, if I do so remember correctly.

But life is unfair, so he is right. And the last one I can find: we always cry. A lot more often than usual. And we very much think ourselves pathetic because we're crying and then we cry more. And so on.

What the fuck!

Just admit it and I'll leave you alone! Then my jobs done!

God damn it!

AN: This is just a conversation I had with myself not too long ago. And I won'tdeny that this alter ego me doesn't visit me anymore.