To Live in Darkness

By Forsaken Writer

You think you know, you think you see.

What the realm beyond could be.

You think that you could be suffice,

To tame the fire, break the ice.

You think you could unveil the spell

That no one else could see or tell.

Tell me how to hear the song,

That can sense the right and wrong.

That flows, though silent, in every heart,

Revealing every forgotten art.

How do you run through half-moon night,

And sense that it will be alright?

Tell me now I have to know!

How you exist through wind and snow.

How can you bear to face the day,

When the wind seems to blow your soul away?

How can you live through fear and doubt?

Can't you feel your light go out?

I think I see where you got your strength

That can go down the whole earth's length

From a spirit of fire, wind, and light,

That can fly through the clouds and see every sight

So now I must wonder how such a spirit can be

On this world of evil that good cannot see.

Well, that's it. It was just a random thing where you plop down at your computer and start writing. It's not my best, but I like it. It's not as good as my "A Tear in the Ocean" poem, but I'll deal. It's definitely not as dark as most as my poems, at least that's what I think, but my sister thinks it's very dark. She asks if it's about someone who an uncureable illness. I just wrote it with the mind of a world overcome with darkness and one person who hasn't lost hope. You guys can interpret it however you wish. Well ja ne!