Short Horror Stories

Mad Man Jack ------------

The Winter was so cold that Jenny had to wear an extra sweater. She hated doing this because she had a great body and wanted to show it off as much as possible.
Her boyfriend, Francis, had little trouble with this. He knew at the end of the day he'd be the one fucking her, not these losers. He was quite secure.

All good things must come to an end, they say. As does life. Francis died. Jenny couldn't have cared less. Oh, well, she put on a show for all those watching. She cared, they'd say, she loved him. If they meant daily fucked his brains out, when they said "loved" then yes she did. Otherwise she only seemed to have that emotion for one man, Jack.

Jack was a college boy at the ripe age of 22. Jenny was only 15. She always wanted him. However, he had made it clear on several occaisions that he wouldn't be seen with her because she had a boyfriend. Now with him gone she figured "what the hell"
"Hello Jack." she said in a sultry voice.
Jack turned around and looked slightly down at her. "Oh, you. What do you want?" Jack crossed his arms impatiently.
"So I guess you heard that Francis died"
"No. I'd be sorry if I cared"
Jenny pulled off her sweater to reveal a sheer shirt which showed that she was not wearing a bra. Jack's eyes lit up. They quickly dimmed back down. She was beautiful, Jack had to admit. It was hard not to.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jack said as he pulled her sweater back on to her.
Jenny stared at him right in the eyes and winked slightly. He got the idea right away. He glared back at her to see if she'd soften at all and maybe back down. She remained just as hard and Jack's glare only held the moment. Jack turned away and broke it.
"Not here. Meet me in my room tonight." Jack whispered.
Jenny nodded and left.

"So what should I do"
"Umm... Well, you know what we're paying you for, right"
"Do that."

Jenny knocked on the door. She was dressed to kill tonight. A beautiful red dress that showed her figure quite well. And she "forgot" to wear any undergarments.
Jack answered the door. He seemed very happy to see her.
This is a welcome change is his behavior, thought Jenny.
"Please come in." Jack said.
Jenny pranced into this tiny dorm room. Jack led her over to the only sitting place, his bed. She sat in a manner so that he could see down the low-cut dress and see her breasts clearly.
Jack got an eyeful.
Remember why you're here, Jack thought. He leaned down and kissed her.
Jenny fell into it. Wait, Jenny thought, you have to remember why you're here.
They continued to kiss until Jack suddenly stopped it and looked at her.
"I need to ask you something Jenny"
"Yes? What is it?" Jenny leaned, taken aback.
"Why are you here"
Jenny cleared her throat, did he know? She washed her mind of that thought and said, "Because I need someone that I can love and trust"
"Then, what really happened to Francis"
Jenny shrugged. "He died, that is all I know"
"Ok, okay."

No more than 15 minutes later Jack had talked Jenny into removing her clothes. They weren't having sex yet but they were close. Very close.
Jenny moaned in pleasure as Jack lightly bit her nipples.
Jack began to have sex with her. The moans could be heard for miles.

Right after Jack had ejaculated inside of her, Jenny stood up and walked over to the head of the bed where Jack was.
With her foot she slid a gun out from under the bed and kicked it up into her hand. She pointed it at his groin and pulled the trigger.
Jack screamed horribly.
"What? How?" He screamed.
"Oh, yes! I love you're screaming." She said. "I'll tell you what happened...

I walked into my boyfriend's house to find him being raped by you. Before you saw me he signaled me to leave so that I wouldn't be hurt too. He did this because he truly loved me.
Years after this happened, he threatened to inform the cops that it was you, and you couldn't have that... So you killed him, my only love. I know this too.
If you are wondering why I always acted like I wanted you, it is because I wanted to see if you'd fuck up and try to fuck me or maybe you would spill the beans. But you never did, until now.
And the gun... You're roommate hid it under there for me. I set this up over a month ago. I knew it was only a matter of time.

"And that's it really." Jenny concluded.
"How did you know it was me"
"You wrote 'Mad Man Jack' on his arm in pen, twice. Once when you raped him and once when he died"
Jack whimpered and grabbed his crotch.
Jenny shot him again. She pointed the gun at his head.
"Goodnight Mad Man Jack!" She fired.

The crime was reported. The cops left it for a while. After all they paid Jenny to off the bastard, they could wait until the trail went cold.
It was reported that there was blood everywhere and the body lay on the floor next to the crimson bed.
When the police arrived at the closed scene. It wasn't like that. The room was crimson, but not with blood... It was paint.
On the white wall, written in red, were the words, "Mad Man Jack lives on 4Ever RevEnge Be Myne"