Sally Mashed ------------

Sally was a succesful filmmaker. She had made in the upwards of 20 films and still cooking with ideas. She was always the smartest in everything she did. She picked the right scripts, got the right crew, actors and everything. Sally was untouchable.
Sally was optioned as the director of a horror film known as "Mashed Man." Nothing much was released to her about the script other than she was the writer's first choice. She automatically liked this idea. Anyone who picked her first was good. So she took it.
The script was written by a man named Jon Taurs, it is was based on a book that he had written in his teens. For such a twistid story as this, the man was surprisingly normal.
"Hello," said Sally. "I am Sally Stry, the director of this film." She held out her hand.
Jon held his out and took hers and shook it strongly. "I know... You are my favorite filmmaker"
"Why thank you." Sally added while pulling her hand away. She gestured towards her office. "Shall we"
They both entered and sat at opposite ends of the table.
"So what insprired you to write such a horrible story"
"It isn't really horrible, it is more of a horror slash love story"
Sally looked puzzled. "I rather think it is horrible, the man chooses to mash his family up into dog food for the town"
"Yes, that would be the horror element." He chuckled... Innocently chuckled. "The love is when he finds Franchesca"
"Where is that?" She rambles through the script. "Ah, here. Wait, this doesn't make"
"Sense?" he interrupted. "Yes actually it does. It is written backwards. He has already met her and lost her by the time he killed all these people. This is a way to show you he is human. That is what good horror trys to do, show you that killers can be 'human'. In a manner of speaking"
"Ah. Very clever." She really liked his style, and he knew his stuff... Maybe this would be a friendship to last, not like the others... "Well, lets get down to the set."

The metal clanked into place as Donald emerged from the back room. Jessica screamed so loud. Donald walked into a fallen microphone.
"Damn it Donald! CUT!" Sally yelled. "What the fuck? Are you fucking retarded"
"I'm sorry ma'am, its dark"
"I know its dark, its a fucking horror movie." Sally shrugged. "One more incident like that and you're out on your ass. Got it"
A saddened Donald nodded.
"Break for lunch!" an assistant called out.
Sally left the set and found Jon waiting for her outside the building.
"What're you doing here?" Sally hid her frustration.
"Thought we should talk about another project I'm currently penning into life." Jon smiled, he was cute when he wanted to be.
"I'm kinda busy with..." She paused. "Oh what the hell!"

"So what is it?" Sally asked.
"It's a twistid sordid love story"
"Really?" Sally leaned in.
"Yeah," Jon continued. "It is about a guy name Frank who is in love with his second cousin Patty. She loves him too. But she doesn't want him that way... So he rapes her everyday until she marrys him." Jon sat back down.
"What do you mean 'and'? That's the end of the movie." Jon said matter-of-factly.
"How? No that wouldn't work... There is no resolution"
"Exactly. And that's the beauty of it. A slice out of a horrible life. No conclusion but yet no beginning to really conclude anyhow." Jon sat back, quite pleased with himself.
"Oh... Well it is interesting. I'll have to consider it. But now we get back to work."

The blood was all over the floor and Sally lay there dead... But now we are getting to far ahead. This is two days in the future.

Jon was always quite on the set, he never needed to be corrected. Sally would often glance at him but she would always see the same thing, he was watching the set. Never her. Wasn't she beautiful enough for him?
She found herself wanting him to want her. This wasn't the way it was supposed to work. She was supposed to turn people away that liked her all the time. But this man... This man, was business driven. He seemed to like nothing else but the work. She had to ratify this.

After the filming was concluded two days later, Sally strode over to Jon and invited him up to her appartment to "talk turkey"
Jon followed her up. Halfway up he suggested his place instead because it was larger and he had left some stuff there anyway.
Sally agreed, there was something oddly intriguing about this man... She didn't know what it was, but damn it! She will find out!
Jon unlocked the door and they entered. Before Sally could get a good look, Jon slammed the door and locked it.
"So, when are we going to fuck?" Jon asked rather innocently considering his actions. Sally reached for the door, Jon pulled out a knife and pressed it against her neck. "Nuh uh. None of that shit. You wanted to fuck? Well now we are going to"
Is that what I wanted, she thought, What'd I get myself into?
They walked over to the darkest part of the room and Jon chained her on her hands and knees to the wall. He proceeded to have his way with her.

After the process was finalized Jon leaned down and kissed her on the neck.
"You don't even remember me do you"
"What?" said Sally still slightly panting. She had wanted the sex, but this was stranger by the minute.
"I was your boyfriend, about a year ago. We went out for quite a while... Then you cheated on me. You never broke up with me. You killed me, but never broke up with me." Jon said, still just as calm.
"I'm... I'm sorry Jon." Sally cried.
"Sorry won't do it." Jon said. "I'm going to be fair with you. Dump you, then kill you"
Sally strugled but the chains held her firmly in place. "But Jon"
"Sally it's over"
"Jon I love you"
"Really?" Jon asked. Putting the blade against her throat.
"Yes... Jon... I love you"
"Well," Jon said, slowlying his speech. "Too bad!" His hand spun around her neck and she dropped to the floor.
He unchained her and watched her squirm on the floor. Jon grabbed a wooden bat and beat her body until it was as flat as the floor.

Jon was picked up by police three days later. After his hearing he was swarmed with journalists.
The only statement he gave was. "Hey, all I wanted was closure. And I got it! I lived a love story!"