Decisions, decisions
So hard to make
Decisions, decisions
With each one does my heart break.

It's so hard to leave
A place you know so well.
Especially when it would be so easy
To continue to there dwell.

Deep in your heart, you know change is for the best
But with so many feelings churning inside
It's so damned hard to get any rest.

My heart aches
For what I've now lost
Knowing what is best for me
Comes at a great cost.

And how can I be sure
That I did what is right?
For why am I now crying
On this frustrating night?

The thought of waiting and coming back
So tempting indeed.
But the anxiety would take me then too, I know.
So instead of lingering, I must now go.

Move on as I wished to
To the next place in sight.
These conflicting feelings
My heart and my head must fight.

I wish I could stay, really I do.
But the worst thing in the world would be to hold on to you.

I can't continue to be
So damned indecisive
So easily swayed
By all your devices.

I appreciated the offer, but didn't you know
It made it that much harder for me to go.

I'd considered the option once before
But instead of taking it, I knew I had to leave
And walk out that door.

I love you all
I'll miss you so much
But I have to go now.

I'm walking
I'm leaving
I'm stepping through that threshold
And now I'm free.
So how come I'm still stuck in this goddamned misery?